Child Sponsorship Project

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It was officially opened in November 1993 in six local MKC within and the vicinity of Addis Ababa., ( semen A.A MKC, debub A.A MKC, debrezeit MKC, semen Nazareth MKC, kotebe MKC and Holeta MKC).The child development program is undertaken in a tri-lateral agreement among CIE, The Denomination Office and Local Church.All except Mehal A.A MKC FHP )Family Helper Project) CSP, which get donation from CCFC (Christian children fund for Canada) have their fund from CIE (Compassion International Ethiopia).
The mission of the program is to provide holistic support to poor children to help them grow to be fulfilled and responsible productive Christian citizens and improve livelihoods of children and families by way of assisting basic needs.

The mission of the program is to provide holistic support to poor children to help them grow to be fulfilled and responsible productive Christian citizens and improve livelihoods of children and families by way of assisting basic needs.

Major Activities Done In Project Areas

In Education/Economic

  • Ensure above 11,440 children to have access to regular school (giving them school supplies and school fee).
  • On academic result base a tutorial class is arranged to help and improve the performance for the children achievements.
  • Resource center development in church compound.
  • Children age between 12-16 years old acquire different life skill training and those above 16 years old and have low achievement in  academic performance given a chance to different vocational training to be self supportive and productive.


  • Almost all children in the program enhance socio- emotional development from tour programs to different educational, recreational and historic sites. Children develop sense of harmony and leadership skill from active participation in different social groups (clubs) such as drama, HIV/AIDS club and sport clubs.

Spiritual Development

  • Sunday school given on age graded. Fashion
  • Bible study fore older children and parents whom accept Jesus as their personal savior.
  • Equipping local churches about child ministry through different bible base training.

To foster harmonious working in the project area the MKC-RDA CSP coordination office facilitate legal registration issues with concerned government body consolidate the annuals operation plan of the project and submit to DPPC, conduct pre audit before the actual audit; monitor work progress through physical visit of project and examining reports, preparing terminal evaluation report and physical evaluation of projects in collaboration with government: generally serve as a focal point for child ministry issues coming from the government, denomination, local churches and donors.

Out-come of the Projects in relation to local Church Capacity Development 

  • Each local MK churches have played great role for the successful implementation of the program by provident the necessary human resource. class rooms for office Sunday schools and office premises.
  • Regarding human resource the church assigned 5-7 persons for project management and 10-15 persons Sunday school teachers that help the project to accomplish its spiritual development program.
  • Project have planned budget for capacity building training to those volunteers that serves the project in different aspects that on the reverse also enhance the capacity of the church leadership and program excision.
  • Except A.A and newly opened projects construct 6 rooms toil ate and 4 rooms shower with SDF (supplementary donor fund)
  • Almost all projects open resource center (library) by covering the expense of finishing materials for room, chair, table and shelf.
  • The projects create job opportunity for those working as librarian, skill training teacher and tutorial teachers on a period base payment.
  • The project cover the expense to renovation of the church class rooms that are used for project purpose and project also cover 75 % of the bill of electricity and water of the church.
  • In some projects where there churches couldn’t able to accessed electricity, Telecommunication, and water supple due to the long distance location form the town and limited capacity therefore, the project cover huge budget for infrastructure/ service development. Example -Dera MKC and Inchini MKC Local Churches
  • Many of the projects give tutorial within the church compound and some churches start KG school in the church which finally changed or grown to competent formal school like in Yirgalem, Shashemdene, Zeway and Hossana local churches.

Major problems  

  • The current inflation and the constant budget of the projects makes difficult to implement the activities as per the plan and standard.
  • Compassion deduct only 0.1USD per child for the coordination office do not allow accomplishing the task of the office.
  • The ever increasing number of projects at a far distance with limited resource and man power makes worsen the activities of the section.
  • The tripartite agreement CIE, denomination and local churches to run a single project makes difficult to accomplish activities timely.

Future plan

  • Expanding the program to the different corners of the country.
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